PLYING 101 (Free Class)

In this video we will take a handspun yarn ply it with commercial mohair thread. You can use this same technique to play two yarns together, or even three yarns together. Simply twist the yarns in the opposite direction as they were spun. Plying is much easier than spinning for beginners, and I often teach children how to ply before I teach them how to spin. Since no drafting is required, it's faster.

This video is a very brief overview of three techniques that I will cover more indepth in my PLYING masterclass. In that masterclass I will teach 15 different plying techniques in 30-minute long video sessions.


  • Plying Thread (I used commercial Mohair)
  • Handspun Yarn (I used the yarn I spun in my CORESPINNING 101 video)

In this video I am spinning on a SpinOlution King Bee wheel. You can find more about SpinOlution wheels in my shop