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After reading about the lack of communication from TNNA / SpinZilla last year on a Facebook Forum (apparently many don’t know where their donations went?) I realized that we need a new annual legitimate charitable spinning event.

Note: I have no personal issue with TNNA. What I read is second hand. I do think they missed an opportunity to do something really beneficial & powerful. Therefore, it’s time for us to spin toward a real cause.

So I presented the concept of Spin Her Free to SpinOlution and they agreed: this need is worth investing in.

The Fiber Community is a powerful tribe. Lets harness our talent, our trade, our tools, and $25 from each pocket to end child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Lets rescue children (as young as 5) and show them they are priceless and worthy of unconditional love. Let’s give women the opportunity to make a living wage in clean, fulfilling work. Let’s put predators behind bars. Let’s give opportunities to protect and defend the helpless and weak. We can do this. We can end sex trafficking in Cambodia. Together.

Instead of winning a golden niddy noddy trophy (no shade, just not a prize that I’d be motivated to spin to win) I present you with the opportunity to win a new spinning wheel from SpinOlution.

Mike Pauly has graciously donated a Monarch spinning wheel ($1199) with full butterfly engraving ($300) to the winner of both the Yardage Arena and Weight Arena. The winner of the Spindling Arena will receive a SpinOlution Pollywog ($399). This is a significant donation ($4000) for one company to shoulder. The cause is worth it.

My $0.02: Every spinning wheel company should do something like this. Pick a cause, pick a month to compete, make the world a better place.

Our goal is to raise $50,000. There are 4000 tickets available in each spinning arena. And you can enroll early right now and spend the next few weeks organizing and preparing the fiber you want to spin in January. You must enroll by 12.31.2018 to participate.

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