Spinning: Single Preview Video

  • WHAT IS A MASTERCLASS? You do not need to be a master of spinning to take a masterclass. Rather, masterclass refers to the comprehensive level of education you will receive in this course. After completing this course, you will have seen everything you need to become a master of spinning creative singles. Just add practice. 
  • HIGH DEFINITION. Each technique is recorded in HD video, and available online 24/7. Each videos will automatically stream on a speed according to your internet speed (slow internet speeds may reduce quality for smooth playback). 
  • DOWNLOADABLE. You can download this entire series (as a .zip file) to your computer to watch anytime without internet connection.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY. Each class is available 24/7 on your phone with an internet connection.
  • SPIN TO SELL. You may use any of these techniques to spin yarns to sell in your online shops and vending events.
  • LEARN TO TEACH. You may teach any of these techniques to your own students. I only ask that you not share my content (videos, passwords, protected website pages) with others. 
  • CREATIVELY TAUGHT. This is not a technical spinning lesson (I do not talk about drafting techniques, s-twist, z-twist, or ratio numbers) but taught for spinners of all levels who want to flex their creative skill and create beautiful handspun yarn.
  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY. I find that beginner spinners often do better in my classes than experienced spinners, only because they don't have years of practice and habits they need to break in order to spin creatively.
  • UNSCRIPTED. Each video will be unrehearsed so we can go thru the learning process together. Each video includes something I have never done before, or a way to spin a traditional technique with a fresh point of view.
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