SpinOlution Echo Studio Packages


SpinOlution Echo Studio Packages

from 1,399.00

The Echo Package comes with the Echo Wheel Base + Two Flyer Sizes + Accessories. Choose from any of the following package combinations based on your spinning needs:

  • $1399 Traditional Yarn Package (4 oz  + 16 oz)

  • $1469 - Fine Yarn Package (4A + 8 oz)

  • $1469 Bulky Yarn Package (8 oz + 16 oz)

  • $1499 Art Yarn Package (16 oz + 32 oz)


  • 6 Total Bobbins (3 Small / 3 Large based on the package size you choose)

  • 4 Orifice Bars (Hook & Tube for Both Flyer Sizes)

  • Lazy Kate

  • Skein Winder

  • Drive Band

The Echo is a spinning wheel that can really do it all. Choose the Flyer Head size for the yarn that you’d like to spin and start spinning yarn with minimal assembly. Or choose a Package for everything you need to start your own Complete Spinning Studio.

The Echo is my favorite treadle wheel by SpinOlution. I love the lightweight design, the small footprint, the variety of flyer heads to choose from, and the light treadle feel. It’s perfect for budding artisans and hobbyists. I recommend the 16 oz size for anyone wanting to get into spinning bulky / art yarns.

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All SpinOlution wheels have a 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee, are Fully Insured to cover any Shipping Damage, and have a One Year Warranty on all non-wear parts. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return the wheel within 30 days of receipt for a refund minus shipping costs.