Spinning & Dyeing Yarn

The Home Spinners Guide to Creating Traditional and Art Yarns by Ashley Martineau (2013)

This book has everything you need to know to get started into the world of spinning yarn. I wrote it from my point of view as a beginner spinner years ago, and explained the process in non-technical terms. This book covers various fibers you can use, and the basics of fiber preparation - to spinning on a wheel, a drop spindle, and a kick spindle. There are even plans for DIY tools like a spinning wheel, drop spindle, and kick spindle.


E-Books By Grace Shalom Hopkins

"I absolutely adore these e-books and they completely transformed my entire fiber stash. Grace approached the spinning of yarn from the standpoint of the fiber, and came up with several ingenious ways of spinning rovings and batts that I have never seen before. Simple yet completely transformative, I was blown away by her creativity and ability to completely open my eyes to how I looked at fiber. I highly recommend you purchase these books.

I worked with Grace while I was brainstorming my SINGLE, PLIED, and CORESPUN series - and we both love how beautifully our points of view balance and compliment each other. My point of view is the technique. Her point of view is the fiber. When both of our series are combined, you have the most comprehensive spinning education available on the internet." - Ashley Martineau

Handspun & Intertwined by Lexi Boeger

"Lexi was a huge inspiration for me when I started spinning. I found her art yarns online and said, "That is what I want to create." I personally reference her books all the time for creative inspiration - and many of her spinning ideas on this website were inspired by her work. I love her perspective on creative spinning, her writing style, and her book aesthetic. I wholeheartedly recommend you add these to your collection of freeform spinning reference material." - Ashley Martineau