Rainbow Wool Braid - 3.1 oz 1021

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Perfect for beginner spinners and tapestry weavers!

These pre-drafted (split/stripped roving) wool braids are each created from 5 colorways that I dyed using my signature watercolor method. Each braid is one of a kind! 

The wool is 100% American grown & processed - medium fine softness. It is perfect for learning how to spin (similar to Romney) and creating yarns for knitting and crochet. Although not soft enough for baby or neckwear, I personally have no problem wearing this wool as a hat or mittens. 

This wool is great for felting and other fiber art. You could also take the wool strips and incorporate them into tapestry weavings using the soumak method.

I also used a fine mystery wool in some of these braids (pale yellow colorway) which is softer than the domestic. If you notice a pale yellow strip of wool in your braid that feels softer, it's likely the fine mystery blend I pulled from my stash to complete the collection.