Mauritus 7.6 oz - Hand Pulled Roving with Locks

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A celebration of rustic, primitive textures from 4000 years ago mixed into an explosion of hand dyed rococo inspired colorway - spin this fiber as a self striping textured yarn or blended by spinning from the end of the braid. Or strip the braids to create a more blended result. The possibilities are endless! 

Each one of these textured braids is one of a kind and cannot be repeated. I don't track my dyelots or measure my dyes or fibers as I curate each braid, everything I make is one of a kind, and when it's gone it's gone! 

Each braid is made of three textures braided together. This braid includes:

  • Dyed heritage breed rare churro x Scottish blackface  wool top (grey)
  • Gently washed & dyed, locally sourced Lincoln longwool locks
  • Dyed domestic wool top (white)

Hand pulled roving is similar in texture to an art batt. 

Fiber content may also include random bits from my apothecary of locally grown New England wool, mohair, Angelina (sparkle), rayon, flax, silk, recycled fibers, cotton, ephemera, glitter, recycled jute and other unique textures that inspire me. The only fiber I do not use in my studio is angora rabbit (I'm allergic).