Hand Pulled Roving 9.4 oz - E001

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Each one of these roving braids is one of a kind and cannot be repeated. I don't track or measure while I card, prep, and blend - everything I make is one of a kind, and when it's gone it's gone! 

Each braid is made of multiple textures braided together. This braid includes:

  • Neauveau "Watercolor" Dyed: American Grown domestic wool blend roving (medium fine, 29.5 micron)
  • Undyed: American Grown heritage Churro rare breed white roving (medium fine, 23-35 micron)
  • Texture: Dyed Rayon (cellulose) faux silk.

Hand pulled roving is similar in texture to an art batt. These braids are perfect for spinning into medium fine yarns for knitting, weaving, and crochet. The softness varies, and my fiber preference is not extra fine (the more fine a fiber is, the less texture it has - and I'm a textureholic), but are soft enough to spin for a hat, mittens, or boot toppers. Most of my customers spin these braids into art yarn for embellishments or weavings.

Visit my free knitting patterns link at the bottom of this page for free patterns for handspun art yarn that would be suitable for this fiber.

Fiber content may also include random bits from my apothecary of locally grown New England wool, mohair, Angelina (sparkle), rayon, flax, silk, recycled fibers, cotton, ephemera, glitter, recycled jute and other unique textures that inspire me. I've used glitter in my studio so there may be some glitter cross contamination. The only fiber I do not use in my studio is angora rabbit (I'm allergic).

Thank you for your purchase and Happy Spinning!