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Rare Wool is meaningful wool.

I use critically rare American grown churro wool sliver in all my braids. Sliver is a thinner version of roving which is easy for anyone to spin. It is lusterious with a flaxen look (as if it was blended with flax) which is a result of the kempy "outer" wool being processed with the silky soft "inner" wool . When you purchase rare wool products from my shop, you are helping conserve both the genetics of this ancient species - but the lifestyle of shepherding culture.

Navajo-Churro sheep were bred by Native American and Hispanic people. This breed is descended from the Churra sheep, which consisted of several Iberian breeds brought to North America in the 1540’s. Navajo-Churro sheep are known as “the first sheep,” in Diné philosophy. The sheep symbolize the Good Life, living in harmony and balance on the land.

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Ashley Martineau is a wife, mother of 3, artist, author, spinning wheel designer, weaver, texture collector, and creative old soul who is passionate about ancient art history and the humanities.

She offers online spinning mentorships and has worked with SpinOlution since 2015 to design state of the art fiber tools and spinning wheels for creative spinners around the world.

She opened a home studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 2022 where she hosts midsummer night backyard gatherings for creative spinners to create and commune together.

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