Free Art Yarn Project: Felted Fleece Winter Wreath

I accidentally felted a gorgeous white crimpy Border Leicester fleece last week when I was washing wool and forgot to pause the cycle before it began to agitate.  This gave me an opportunity to make a cozy winter wreath for my front door.  The supplies I used to make this wreath were:

-- Felted wool.  Try different animals (alpaca would be beautiful) and different colors!  You could also wrap your wreath form with felted yarn.

-- A wreath form.  I got a clearance one from Michaels (everything Christmas was 70% off today) that's a fake evergreen texture - but I would have preferred to use a grapevine one.  I just couldn't justify spending 3x as much on a wreath form though.  Make sure you have enough wool to cover the entire wreath. 

-- Wire.  I used gold craft wire but any color will do.  You will see the wire, so choose a color that won't clash with your embellishments.

-- Embellishments.  You could wrap your wreath with ribbon and wire twiggyness like I did, or wrap with sparkle garland, or strands of beads, or berries, or anything.  Also try adding pinecones, or flowers, or little birds in a nest.  Anything will look sweet on this wreath.

1. Felt a fleece.  After I accidentally felted this fleece I put it thru the washing machine a second time to intentionally felt it nice and tight and nubby.

2. Buy your stuff.  I bought a evergreen wreath form, some wire, some sparkily gold ribbon, and some wire twiggyness in the clearance section.  I also bought a wreath hanger to hang the wreath from my door without damaging the door.

3. Wrap the fleece around the wreath form and secure with wire.  Just continue draping and looping wire around the wool, pulling it tight.  Kindof like baling hay. 

4. You could just keep the wreath like this and hang it if you like a more minimal look.

5. After your fleece is fully secured to the wreath, add your first embellishment.  I started with twiggy wire.  You could stop here if you wanted to, and ignore further embellishment.

6. Add something sparkily if you want to.  I added ribbon that looked like sparkily burlap so it would match that "rustic" look but still look festive.

7. Hang the wreath from your door and enjoy!!!

I also added a little chalkboard tag to write "Happy Holidays!" or "Winter Greetings!" or our apartment number just in case you could see our apartment number tag behind the wreath.  That's an option too.

Waste not!!  Make a winter wreath with your felted fleece this holiday season!