Free Art Yarn Knitting Pattern: Easy Shawl

Another pattern inspired by a creation I saw atCamp Pluckyfluff in Madison, CT.  Shawls are very simple to create, but this one caught my eye because of the drape and way it showed off every inch of the art yarn and the incredible sari silk fringe.  The entire creation was so stunning - I simply had to create my own version.

I asked Pam (the artisan) if I could use her idea as a springboard for one of my blog patterns and she graciously said yes.  So before we jump into my pattern, let's look at the original.

I'm including two pattern options in this tutorial.  One is the simple handknit shawl.  And the second has the added recycled sari silk fringe.  

You can use this same pattern for any type of handspun yarn, in any gauge, in any yardage.

You can substitute sari silk for ribbon or art yarn.  You simply knit from the bottom and keep working until your shawl is long enough.  I also find it interesting to see how different a similar pattern looks in super bright & happy handspun colors, and organic mohair.  

One of the many reasons I love knitting with art yarn is that you can use a similar pattern and come up with a completely different looking finished project every time!

The pattern I have been using for shawls is the same one that was published in Interweave Knits magazine in Spring 2005.  But that pattern is no longer available online, so I've republished it here.  Back in 2005 I was using recycled yarns from unraveled sweaters and bits and pieces and odds and ends of yarn to make scrappy shawls.  I find that this super basic shawl pattern looks amazing with handspun art yarn - and although there are other shawl patterns out there that are a little fancier - I love a good super simple knit.

This shawl took me a couple hours to knit from170 yards of Lollyarn handspun organic mohair in a bulky thick and thin.  You can purchase Lollyarn mohair handspun in her ETSY shop!

I used size 19 needles and got a tighter knit than Pam's shawl.  Try using 35 needles for a looser more drapier knit for summer/spring shawls.  

Here is the pattern:

  • Cast on 2 stitches.
  • Knit the first stitch, yarn over, then knit the last stitch.
  • Now you will have 3 stitches on your needle.
  • Your pattern is: { Knit the first stitch, yarn over, knit to the end } until you run out of yarn.
  • Then bind off loosely.

I low how raw and rustic the shawl looks without the fringe.  

So you can either stop knitting now or pick up a skein of some recycled sari silk to continue with phase II of this pattern.  

You can make this shawl extra special by letting your kitties put some extra love in it.  

So now let's add the fringe!  I cut 20 inch long strips of recycled sari silk ribbon and looped the middle thru each edge stitch of the shawl and brought the two ends thru the loop to secure the fringe to the shawl.  This completely changed the look of the shawl from a raw rustic cabin shawl to a woodstock summer music festival shawl.

 The fringe also added a lot of length to the shawl which makes it easier to wear (larger and easier to wrap around on chilly nights) without adding much weight to the shawl.

Happy Knitting!