Free Art Yarn Crochet Pattern: Yarn Pod

Yarn bowls are all the rage right now, they are both charming and practical.  I've come up with my own idea which I am calling a "Yarn Pod".  It's the lovechild of a crochet rag rug, woven basket, weaver bird nest, and old pillowcase.  The pattern I have written below is a guideline for you to create your own yarn pods.

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  • A crochet hook appropriate to the size of yarn you have spun (larger for a more open crochet, smaller for a tighter pod)
  • Fabric art yarn (still on the bobbin from when you spun it, since it can't be "set" like a traditional yarn) - I used about 50 yards.

I started by crocheting a chain of 5.  Then I crochet around the chain to grow the circle bigger.  On the 2nd or 3rd row I crochet twice into each loop to keep the circle from tightening into a bowl.  If it started "bowling" in the opposite direction, I started crocheting once into each loop.  I continued crocheting a flat circle until it was about 5 inches in diameter.

Then I did a double crochet into each loop for a couple of rounds.  This built up the sides of the pod.  When I got to the point where I wanted to start making the open "V" for the yarn, I simply changed direction and started crocheting in the opposite direction (instead of completing the circle I turned around the circle to leave a gap).  Then when I got to that gap coming from the opposite direction I switched directions again.  Thus making a letter V-shaped indentation in the side of the pod.

I continued crocheting doubles all the way up to create a sculptable ostrich-egg shape.  Once I noticed I was running low on yarn, I did the final row as a double crochet in every other stitch to curve the top in just a bit. When the yarn ended I tucked it in and wove in the end at the base as well.

You can use this pod just like a yarn bowl!  Put your ball of yarn in it to keep it from rolling around the floor while you're knitting, crocheting, or plying.