Free Art Yarn Knitting Pattern: Framed Jewelry Display

I love using art yarn for home decor. This is a very easy project to make, and can be altered easily to fit any frame size you have in your house.

I found this 10x10 frame at the thrift store for $3.99. I knit using a simple elongated stitch. I cast on 15 stitches. The yarn was handspun a single-ply chunky/worsted thick and thin. About 2 stitches per inch. But I cast on 15 instead of 20 because I wanted to stretch it to fit the frame so that it had tension and the jewelry wouldn't sag on it. I also wanted to see the holes in-between the stitches.

As I was knitting, I compared it to the size of the frame and bound off when it was the size I wanted. About 15 rows. Then I attached it to the back of the frame using a craft staple gun. 

It worked great for my earrings, barrettes, and hair pins. 

You could display your crochet hooks and knitting needles from it by weaving them in and out of the knit sideways.

Or simply use it as a beautiful piece of art to frame in your bedroom or craft room. 

I used under 30 yards for this project, and your yardage will vary depending on the size of the frame you use and how thick or thin you spin the yarn.