Free Art Yarn Knitting Pattern: Easy Tea Cozy

The fastest knit project you'll ever make. 

Guaranteed.  No sizing required. Really.  Because knitting with art yarn is that awesome.

To create this teapot cozy you will need: a teapot, some art yarn (I used about 10 yards of chunky single ply weight for my teapot), and some sari silk ribbon.  If you don't have sari silk ribbon, any ribbon (or even the same art yarn) will do.

The Pattern:

I cast on 8 stitches and knit using a double elongated stitch. This creates a very open stretchy knit that is easy to wrap around the round belly of a teakettle.  As I was knitting I kept measuring the length of my project with the size of the teakettle until it "fit just right".  Then I bound off.  I took the spout of the teakettle and put it thru one of the holes in the low/center of the knit.  I wrapped the knit around the tea kettle and corseted up the back of it with the sari silk ribbon.  

This pattern is completely adjustable to fit multiple sizes of teakettles.

  • Have a taller teapot?  Cast on more stitches (make it wider).
  • Have a shorter teapot?  Cast on fewer stitches (make it narrower).
  • Have a really wide teapot?  Knit more rows (make it longer).
  • Have a squat teapot?  Knit fewer rows (make it shorter).

The corset back helps shape the knit around the belly of your teapot perfectly!

A charming housewarming gift or way to spruce up the teapot in your kitchen.

 Who knew we could make something look so cute in 10 minutes?