Dyed Copper Patina Karakul Boa Fleece - RARE Conservatory Wool (SE2SE)

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2 pounds of RARE Karakul from a local conservatory that maintains an flock to preserve the genetics of this 4000 year old breed. Karakul is marked as "Threatened" according to the Livestock Conservatory, and it's been a long time favorite wool of mine with roots in Babylon. You can read an article I wrote about spinning Karakul in the Dual Coated issue of PLY Magazine.

Hand washed, skirted, and dyed using my signature watercolor dyeing method.


This is a not-technical term for a fleece with a bit of "cotting" ideal for making boa style scarves from the wool. Cotted means there is light felting at the base, where the fleece was shorn, with the locks able to be ripped apart. If the locks cannot be ripped apart the fleece is felted. SOME (not all) of this fleece is cotted which I find ideal for tailspinning and maintaining texture when spinning. 


Tear this wool into lengths like roving and spin with minimal drafting on a bulky flyer. Or use the cotted areas as a foundation for felting a Viking inspired collar, boot toppers, or "vegan" shearling accents on a jacket. 

Staple length is 6-8+ inches.

Not next to skin soft IMHO.

There is only one bag of this wool available.