Dyed Wool Locks - 12 oz (Lot 3)

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Each bag is one of a kind and includes an assortment of hand selected, hand-dyed wools sourced from local farms. No embedded VM. Ready to spin right out of the bag. 

Each bag includes:

  • BFL x Lamb locks (thin and crimpy)
  • Longwool locks (fat and curly)
  • Icelandic locks (straight and fluffy)

Some packs also include faux silk (nubbly and shiny)

Neauveau IMPRESSIONIST Dyelot Collection / 2022

Note: the picture of bagged wool at the bottom of this listing is to show the 12 oz quantity as a reference. The wool assortment inside the bag may not be the same as the wool in this listing. The wool in this listing is the header photo.