Today was Home Inspection Day at Pleasant House. And I had way too much fun. Learning about how attics breathe, gas heating systems, city water hookup, sump pumps, and siding options was absolutely fascinating. I could have been there taking notes for 8 hours. Our Inspector was excellent, he even helped us identify plants and offered suggestions on how to get them to grow their best. As he was going thru the house, he seemed charmed by it too - complimenting the layout and the updates that the previous owners had made. 

Everything looked great, just a couple minor fixes (deck railing, a pane of glass, deadbolt, one outlet). From the roof to the water heater, we shouldn't need to do any major maintenance for several years. The first big project we will probably do is add vinyl siding to the house, just to encapsulate the older wood and make it a bit lower maintenance for us. 

Just so thrilled that this process is going so well, and savoring the anticipation of moving in. I am blessed beyond what I need. I am so thankful that God has provided a place for my children to grow up safe. I have visions of decor and furniture dancing in my head like sugarplums at Christmastime. So excited to nest and start growing some roots.

After we've moved in, I am excited to start writing some books in my head. One is almost done, three others are ready to get started. And a fourth, a historical fiction work, might get drafted this winter.