Making Choices

Our home inspection is on Monday, and everyone expects it to pass. Assuming all goes well, as it has so far, I am now deep in "What is my home decor style" world. And I am completely overwhelmed. How do I pull from all the things I love or find beautiful, and choose the exact shade to put on the wall? If there is no "right" choice, then how do I choose? 

How did you choose what to do when decorating a house?

I guess if I could describe my home style in five words it would be: minimal, organic, bright, airy, and peaceful. This leads me to colors like medium and light greys, whites, and darkest browns, with hints of fern green, forsythia yellow, and pale glass blue. 

I'm glad I have two months to decide. And I think I am going to paint my front door yellow for Sam, our little Gamgee Hobbit, because Tolkien painted his door yellow too.

Please let me know how you decided on decor colors, and if you want to see my thought process you can check out my pinterest board "Home".