Moving Kids and Worldwide Shipping

Just a quick update to let you all know our home buying process is going smooth. We close July 28th if all goes well. Right now we're getting our all mortgage paperwork done and I've sold all our furniture and am shopping craigslist for items that will fit into Pleasant House. Today I picked up THE CUTEST vintage yellow chair that will be the key piece in my living room. I'm so excited to show you all before & after pictures during our move. I love decorating.

Josephine is 6 months old now (one of my favorite ages) and Sam is hitting the "terrific two" stage. They are the happiest kids I've ever met, and they adore each other. They make each other laugh and Sam is such a good big brother. I'm so blessed to have two joyful kids to spend each day with.

2015-06-18 18.48.57.jpg

I had to cancel a couple of my Gratitude Yarn Spin-Alongs because of moving and packing and business I need to get done at home. My next spin along is scheduled for August and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the end of the summer from my new home!

Also, I just added Worldwide Shipping to my shop so if you are international and want to purchase a SpinOlution spinning wheel, it's now easier than ever to get that wheel shipped to you worldwide. So far everyone who has purchased a wheel from me has been 100% happy. One of my customers purchased a 2nd wheel within a month of receiving her first one - she was so in love. I wouldn't be selling these wheels if I didn't find them super fun and creatively inspiring to spin on.

If you'd like to take a test drive I'll still be in Attleboro, MA after we move. This is right in-between Providence, RI & Boston, MA.

I'll update more later. Have a great summer!