Thank you Contributors!

Just an update on the missing contributions in the book I wrote last year.  My publisher, RotoVision, has received my list and has published this on their blog and will be correcting all future reprints.  I've copied & pasted their entire blog post below.  I'm sorry to everyone who has been effected by this misprint.  Thank you for understanding that it was a editorial mistake and not an intentional misrepresentation of talent.

We’ve recently been alerted by the author of Spinning & Dyeing Yarn that there are some practitioners that need to be credited for their hard work and valuable contributions. We are very sorry that these were omitted in the initial print run and please be assured these will be corrected for any future reprints of the book. A full list of corrections is featured below:
  • page 24: text contributed by Tina Watson
  • page 36: captions should read “roving by Elizabeth Stottlemeyer”, “batt by Robyn Story”, and “dyed top by Rachel Kluesner” 
  • page 50: text contributed by Beth Lower
  • page 70: text contributed by Sayra Adams
  • page 72: text contributed by Sayra Adams
    page 74: text contributed by Esther Rodgers
  • page 87: captions should read “Allison Jai O’Dell” and “Handspun wool locks by Robyn Story”
  • page 88: caption should read “lightweight top whorl drop spindle for spinning laceweight yarns handpainted by Lizette Hopkins”
  • page 99: final large spindle photo credited to Heavenly Handspinning
  • page 116: caption should read “Allison Jai O’Dell”
  • page 135: caption should read “Handspun feather yarn by Shannon Herrick of Spun Monkey.”
  • page 136: text contributed by Melissa Nasby
  • page 150: text contributed by Melissa Yoder Ricks
  • page 152: text contributed by Heather Lightbody
  • page 169: caption should read “handspun yarn by Amy Higgins Stambaugh”
  • In the contributors directory: Kimberly Narach O’Donovan should be “Kimberly Navach-O’Donovan” and Kelly Argue should be “Kelly Agrue”
Author, Ashley Martineau, has also featured a personal message to any contributors who were accidentally omitted on her website, which can be found here.

Original link to this note on RotoVision's Blog.