Thank You Contributors!

I'm so pleased with all the positive feedback I have received from the book.  It was truly a community effort and I couldn't have done it without all the help from everyone who contributed fibers, yarns, and tutorials.  When I received the book I immediately noticed that there were names missing from multiple pages of text.  I contacted my publisher and they are fixing it in the re-print.  Here is an excerpt from their reply to me:

"Thanks for writing in. I'm so sorry about this and of course, I'm sure you know this was an absolute error and in no way a deliberate omission...I think this was one that just slipped through the cracks with no deliberate intent and we just failed to pick up the error on the layouts...We will, most certainly amend this and add their names in on all the reprints of the book. We can also, in the meantime, run a message on our website and blog correcting the error."

Please be aware that the following tutorials and techniques were not my own, rather they were contributed to the book by these talented artisans:

Chapter Three - Preparing Fiber
Dizzing from a Hackle Tutorial (pp 50-51)
Written by Beth Lower of Blue Mountain Handcrafts

Chapter Four - Dyeing Fiber
Gradient Dyeing Tutorial (pp 70-71)
Written by Sayra Adams of Atomic Blue Fibers

Chapter Four - Dyeing Fiber
Hand Painting Tutorial (pp 72-73)
Written by Sayra Adams of Atomic Blue Fibers

Chapter Four - Dyeing Fiber
Solar Dyeing Tutorial (pp 74-75)
Written by Esther Rodgers of Jazz Turtle Creations

Chapter Seven - Spinning Wheels
Corespinning Wire Tutorial (pp 136-137)
Written by Melissa Nasby of Soul Fibre

Chapter Seven - Spinning Wheels
Art Boucle Tutorial (pp 150-151)
Written by Melissa Yoder Ricks of Wild Hare Fiber Studio

Chapter Seven - Spinning Wheels
Sluggy Plying Tutorial (pp 152-153)
Written by Heather Lightbody of Girl With A Hook

I am also going thru all the captions of the book to make sure every fiber is credited as well.  I am aware that Kelly Agrue from Felting Sunshine has been credited as Kelly Argue, and there are captions that read "carded art batt" instead of "carded art batt by Robyn Story of Yarns and Storys" - so I will be making a list of all those updates as well and will be sending them to my publisher this week.

I sincerely apologize for anyone who may have been hurt by this mistake.  I admire the talent of each and every one of you who contributed, and I would never intentionally claim your work as my own.  It is an honor to have all of your talent in these pages.  My goal in writing this book was to share this publication opportunity with as many talented artisans as I possibly could.  I hope by correcting this error, that goal is made even more clear.  Thank you all for being a part of this project. 

If you were a contributor to the book and there is an error in your contribution please do not hesitate to email me ( so I can make sure it's on my list.

Ashley Martineau
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