Siegmund Farm Fleeces

I've been buying fleeces from my friend Colin for almost 5 years. He is currently in college at UCONN and is on his way to his dream flock of 200+ sheep (and perhaps a couple of dairy cows) after he graduates. Right now he is raising Border Leicesters and Oxfords. He does it all, from getting up at 4:00am to milk cows, to breeding his flock, to taking classes, and shearing his own sheep. I love buying fleeces from small family farms, where you really get to know the flock and see how each fleece improves year after year. Colin is a hard worker, and his work ethic shows in the fleeces from his herd.

One of his old Rams, "Booger", had the most beautiful lamb fleece I'd ever seen.  Booger got his name by sneezing on a judge during a sheep show.  These are the funny details you get when you know where your wool comes from.  :)

Right now Colin has a small surplus (about 20) of Border Leicester fleeces. I dropped by his farm the day after Thanksgiving and he asked if I could help him get rid of them to make space for the Spring fleeces. So I told him, "Absolutely!" and am passing on this info to you. Colin has excellent prices and all the Border Leicester wool in my shop for the past 5 years has been from his farm.

Each fleece sale goes directly toward feeding his flock.  Colin is expecting between 12 - 15 baby lambs in the spring, so if he sells out of Fall 2013 fleeces - ask to get on his waiting list for Spring 2014 fleeces!

Colin Siegmund 
Siegmund Farm

Several samples of Border Leicester Fleeces from Siegmund Farm, Fall 2014 Shearing.

 Ewes staying cozy in the barn.

Many of Colin's sheep are pets as well as fiber producers.

The ewes waiting to be fed.  The black-faced sheep are Oxfords.  

Welcome to the Barnyard!

Two of the six fleeces I picked up this weekend.

Hello I see ewe!!