Book Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek preview of some of the content in the book.   In the next couple weeks I want to make a video about my experience writing the book, and a special thanks to everyone who contributed to the project.  I remember writing the text when I was very newly pregnant, and calling my friend Robyn and saying, "Robyn I don't know how to spin yarn.  Just talk to me about how it happens."  Major pregnancy brain.  I remember being 20 weeks pregnant and trying to find a top to photograph the spinning demonstrations in that wouldn't make me look fat.  I remember being up until 3:00am building the wheel for the 1749th time so we could get the shots just perfect.  I remember sitting on my hospital bed, being hooked up to pitocin, a week before my due date - and telling Brian, "Hand me your laptop I have some edits I need to make on the book."  Within minutes of opening up the content, I ended up sending my publisher an email.  "I'm in the hospital having a baby," I wrote "Can I get these to you next week?"  I just couldn't focus on grammar in that moment.  I continued editing while Sam was in the NICU, during our first weeks home, and months afterwards.  When Sam was about a month old I told Brian I was "translating the book into English" for the UK market.  Too funny.  What an adventure it has been.  Anyway, enough about me, here you go: