Behind the scenes of writing a book...

I've been busy these past several days working on my book.  I got an email last year from a publishing house in the UK asking if I would author a book they wanted to publish about spinning & dyeing yarn.  After going over the details over what the book would include, we went thru months of administrative organizing and are finally getting into the knitty-gritty of writing and photography.

I can't tell you too much of what will be in the book, but I've had so many amazing people in the fiber art community donate supplies for me to use for spinning.  I'm looking forward to the many many handspinners shipping me their yarns to submit into the book. 

I wish we had room for everyone (maybe we do!) but so much of the creative design of the book isn't in my hands.  So I am just going to include as many people as possible. It's a group effort.  Lots of love is going into this project, and the book will be available in my shop or at your local bookstore in Spring 2013!   Here's a little photo behind the scenes that April took during our first shoot.