Handcrafted Wool "Feather" Earrings

I've admired the feather earrings for a while, and this past weekend at camp pluckyfluff I saw the most beautiful pair of long wool earrings made by Ashly Anns Hands.  She gave a pair to Lexi Boeger.  I took this wool-feather idea and combined it with a different earring style, using a different technique to attach the wool, added some beads and some natural gold silk cocoons, and various types of wools to create my own twist on Ashley's beautiful idea.

I originally made all these earrings to showcase at Yarnival, but my bank account advised me that it might be best to give all of you an opportunity to buy them before I leave for California in July.  So I'm adding all of them to the shop today.  The first lot has been added, which is the super long Wensleydale wool locks.  Next I will be adding all the mixed wool earrings (which are shorter in length).  And finally the silk earrings (without wool) for a simpler look.
Click on the photo to enter the new jewelry section of my online shop!  If you see a pair you love, pick them up because each pair is one of a kind!  Also I am giving everyone FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all earrings orders before July 1st.