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It all started when…

I wanted to knit with cashmere yarn, but I was a poor newlywed, so I started unraveling sweaters. I published the How to Unravel a Sweater to Recycle Yarn tutorial - and that was the beginning of my career in fiber art instruction.

I found - and fell in LOVE with her yarns. I searched for instruction on spinning art yarn and found nothing. So I decided: I was going to make creative spinning education accessible to anyone who wants to learn - as I taught myself how to spin. I started a retail brand, Neauveau Fiber Arts, and spent the next decade selling handspun yarns and fibers.

I stopped selling retail product when my first child was born and began focusing my time on graphic design and web design. My goal is to fill the voids in the Fiber Art community as best I can with community building, modern branding, and to help small USA-based fiber family businesses grow and succeed in this economy.

Eventually I would love to expand my teaching skills overseas, and help women in third world countries learn how to spin so they can support themselves and their families by making a fair wage in clean, honest work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you find the free education you receive here valuable to your work and creativity. This resource was not free to build, nor is it free to maintain, but I choose to provide it for you because I believe that anyone, anywhere should have the tools they need to learn how to spin yarn.

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If you find this website resource valuable, please consider making a donation. 100% of proceeds will go toward my children's education.

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