CARDING Inspiring Colorways at Madison Wool
10:00 am10:00

CARDING Inspiring Colorways at Madison Wool

  • Madison Wool

with Ashley Martineau of How to Spin Yarn
$75.00 per person, fiber included
10:00am - 4:00pm

Bring: Spinning Wheel, Fiber Prep Equipment (Carder, Hand Cards), Extra Bobbins, Fiber to play with.

We will begin with CARDING: Landscapes - preparing fiber inspired by a landscape. Choose a landscape card during the class, and learn how to turn it into a breathtaking colorway using multiple techniques on a drum carder. Learn different methods of spinning art batts to keep the landscape cohesive as a yarn, and not have the colors get lost or muddied during the spinning process.

Lunch break around 12:30

In the afternoon we will play with CARDING Moods - where we will blend fiber based on how we feel or experience life in color. Choose a mood during this class and card it into a colorway, then tell the class what inspired you. Our final carding lesson will be carding a mood at random. Then we will learn more techniques for preparing these batts to spin into yarns.

Buckets of fiber will be provided.