Current Classes & Online Enrollment

You can enroll online at anytime to access the videos in each class series, and your access to these videos will never expire. Enrollment is always open, as these videos are pre-recorded and ready for you to begin watching immediately. You can stream the videos online in HD (it will automatically adjust to slower internet speeds) or download these videos to your computer. I currently have 20 videos for spinning single-ply techniques, 20 videos for plying on a spinning wheel, and 20 videos for corespinning on a spinning wheel. I also have 20 videos for carding landscape-inspired art batts focusing on literal color interpretation; as well as 20 videos for carding mood-inspired art batts, focusing on a more intuitive or emotional color interpretation. You can use these carding videos for blending boards, hackles, hand-carders, combs, and all other fiber-prep equipment. I also have a series of 20 drop spindling videos (10 single techniques and 10 plying techniques) that I produced with my friend Sarah which is a great series if you're just getting started into the world of fiber arts.

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