volume one: single


I am compiling what I have learned about creative spinning into three comprehensive volumes, the first of which - SINGLE - will be released at the end of 2015. It will contain 20+  techniques for spinning single ply yarns. You can see a sneak peek here.

Each technique will be taught by HD video, with photo and written instruction. You can purchase the entire volume when it is complete. I estimate about 15-30 minutes of footage per video, which will be between 5-10 hours of creative spinning instruction.

This study is intended for intermediate spinners, but beginner spinners will find it an exciting way to introduce themselves to the world of spinning yarn. You only need to know how to use a spinning wheel and how to spin a single.

These studies will be mobile-friendly and available 24/7, so you can access them any time you need a creative boost. You may use them to spin yarns to sell in your online shops and vending events. You may teach them to your own students. But please do not share my original content with others.

This is not a technical series, but rather a creative journey into possibilities. Few of these techniques are originally my own. Many are simply intentional, beautiful "mistakes". I've given credit on each page to the resources where I have learned more traditional techniques, and I have added my own creative perspective into those techniques.

Each video will be unrehearsed and unscripted so we can go thru the learning process together. It will begin with an concept I've illustrated, and we will see where it goes. My hope is that these studies will be as creatively inspiring to you as they have been for me to produce. I'm looking forward to sharing this part of my spinning journey with you. 

Thank you.

- AM